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Let us help your company create more products and services to grow your business with the following types of service:

Book Publishing. Click here to learn how to pitch your book proposal to Skybridge Press Corp.’s editorial consultant. Call now.

Book covers; CD and DVD covers. our best-seller got a face-out display in bookstores (an honor); our most recent release is called “stunning,” in reviews. Get a custom or stock book cover, CD cover, or DVD cover you deserve. The cover determines whether someone will look inside or read the back marketing bullets. Call now.

Corporate video can help your corporate party, awards ceremony, meetings, training, and other important functions. Call now.

Logo branding creation. Get the new logo you deserve. Call now.

Music. Our composer can create original commercial jingles, arrangements, and songs for all occasions, private and corporate. Call now.

Technical documentation, done right, can actually decrease crisis calls to your customer service line. Call now. Our expert technical writer has 27 years experience writing original material in legal, engineering, medical, product, and software fields. We can get your technical manual or training manual finished on deadline and published in a paperback book format. Impress your staff with excellence beyond industry best practices.

Training video. Save manpower! Why repeat the same lecture to every new group of hires? With our HD video of your training lecture, you can turn the trainer into a temporary employee, create HD-DVDs of the training, and the employees can view it at times more convenient for your company’s schedule, even at home. Call now.

Video in high-definition (HD) of your corporate party, awards ceremony, meetings, training, and other important functions. Call now.

Voice-overs. We can produce that radio or TV spot for you at affordable rates. Do you need a signature voice of a male or female, but nobody on staff has the right stuff? We can find the artist you need within your budget. Call now. We also produce audio books, ringtones, and all things audio.

Website design and maintenance. Our award-winning photographer, expert technical writer, and graphic design genius are here for you! Put us to work growing your business! Call now.

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